Grape Do-si-Dos

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Grape Do-si-Dos

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This Dosidos x Grape Pie cross from Cannarado Genetics is a flavor monster with a sweet candy, citrus, peppery fuel aroma profile. Terpene-heavy, this strain is a force to be reckoned with in terms of flavor: dark, jam-like fruit up front, with a noticeable herbal quality that is rounded out by a nice citrus on the exhale. Dark, olive-green buds with dark purple hues and amber pistils that are totally coated in white sparkly trichomes, this strain is a showcase for aroma, flavor and bag appeal.

The balanced nature of this strain allows a lot of flexibility for either daytime or nighttime use. At once a euphoric relaxation and creative focus hit first with an initial dome-heavy high that settles into the body for a calming, relaxing feeling that will wash over you without weighing you down. Its cerebral effects have shown great potential in treating symptoms of depression, stress, and PTSD, with equal course given to its indica properties, which have been reported to aid in helping to treat nausea, nerve pain, migraines, and appetite stimulation.

 Prominent Terpenes (most to least): Limonene, Linalool, B-caryophyllene, Humulene, B-pinene, A-pinene, Geraniol.Grape Si-Dos is a terpene heavy combination of Grape Ape and Do-Si-Dos which has been one of the most popular strains over the past year or two and is a cross between Face Off OG and OGBK. Grape Ape is a classic Indica known for its delicious grape taste and smell.

Do-Si-Dos is a hybrid of OG Kush Breath — a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies — and Faceoff OG from Oregon’s Archive Seed Bank.

The seed bank is working on an F2 line of Do-Si-Dos phenotypes — Do-Si-Dos #9, #18, and #22; as well as the unreleased #4 and #13 — all of which reportedly grow tall and deliver average-sized yields in a 70-day flowering time. The entire F2 line also shows hermaphroditic tendencies inherited from the OGKB parent in approximately 5% of the population, according to the seed bank.

Of the three released phenotypes, #9 is described as the most potent, dense and resinous — producing heavy amounts of dry sift — as well as a strong, cookies-and-kush aroma and flavor.

Meanwhile, #18 exhibits thick, prominent resin glands and a strong OG Kush aroma, while #22 is a purple, aromatic, grape-flavored phenotype recommended for making ice hash.

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